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EPFO – Employee Provident Fund Organization of India has provided most of facility online for their Members. But steel sometime, member needs to visit to their PF Office. Therefore, we are going to talk about “Locate PF Office near me”. Most of us don’t their PF office Address and which one PF office comes under our zone. However, getting the nearest PF office address has become very easy with help of the EPFO Portal.

Why do we need to Locate PF Office?

One of the most important reasons to visit the PF Office, when we decided to withdrawal PF amount after leaving JOB from current Organization / Company. If you will fill the PF withdrawal form and submit in your Organization / Company for further action. It will take around 2 to 4 months or more than that. Because, Company / Organization does not submit the Single PF withdrawal form in the EPFO Office for further action. They collect and collate form on monthly basis or they make a bunch of the form, only after that they submit the form to the EPFO Office to take further action.

There is a way to get your work done in 15 to 25 days. Just fill up the PF withdrawal form and get it stamped and Signed by authorized person of your Company HR who take care of this kind of work. Then, Locate Nearest PF Office or Locate Your PF office and go to the PF Office and submit the form by yourself. When you will submit the PF withdrawal form on the counter, they will give you a receiving receipt. After submit the PF withdrawal form in the PF Office, just wait for 15 to 25 days. You will automatically get the SMS notification of each and every action taken on your PF withdrawal application.

Locate PF Office

Note: – Data displayed is Under Verification by field offices.

How to Locate Your EPF Office ?

This is very easy to find the EPF Office Address and Contact. Please follow these two step.

Step:-1 Select the respective State from the Drop down button.

Step:-2 Then, Select the respective District from another District Dropdown and click on submit.

Step:-3 After that Select PIN Code of that Area.

Step:-4 Finally Click on the Submit Button. Once you will click on the submit it will show you all the EPF Office Address and Contact Number in particular that State District.

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