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Ministry of Labor & Employment, Government of India has launched a Service on 01 July 2011. Through which Employee can Know EPF Balance online and the Service known as KYEPFB (Know Your EPF Balance). This is the very simple way to know EPF balance of PF account. But sometimes it’s become really very complicated. If you will not put the PF number in the correct format. However, there are several different ways are available to check the EPF Balance from anywhere anytime. Please see the below mentioned ways to know EPF Balance.

How to Check EPF Balance Online?
How to Know EPF Balance via SMS?
How to Check EPF Balance via Missed Call?
How to Know EPF Balance via Mobile App?

What is the Correct Format of PF number?

The Correct format to put the PF Number: – GN/GGN/0012345/000/0012345.

GN GGN 0012345 000 0012345
GN = State Code
GGN = City Code

The digit in Red Color is extra.

Check EPF Balance

How to Check EPF Balance Online?

Currently EPFO Passbook Dedicated Page is under maintains. EPFO has made the Passbook available for Employee on the temporary webpage. In order the check EPF Balance Online. Please follow the below mentioned step.

• Please go to the provided URL :-
• Go to “Our Services” Manu from Manu Bar.
• Click on the option “For Employee”.
• Click on the “Member Passbook” link under the Services.
• When you click on “Member Passbook”. You will be redirected to Member Passbook Facility Page.
• Now, you need to put your UAN Number and UAN Portal Password and click on “Login” button.
• Here you have completed the process of Check EPF Balance Online.

How to Know EPF Balance via SMS?

EPFO has made the services very easy to use for that EPFO Covered Employee’s who don’t use the Internet, Android Mobile or if you are not situated to access the internet. You can Check EPF Balance via SMS. Please follow the below-mentioned step to Know EPF Balance via SMS.

• You need to send the SMS request to 7738299899
• SMS Format should be like :- EPFOHO UAN
• This service supports many languages like: – English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali.
• You can avail this service 24/7 hours.

Note:- “You need to use the UAN Registered Mobile Number, to send the SMS Request to 7738299899”

Note:- “The SMS Format should like EPFOHO UAN (In which language you want to get Balance Message from EPFO) Example:- EPFOHO UAN

Note:- Remember you may not receive the SMS Back. If you’re AADHAAR, PAN Card and Bank Details were not digitally approved and provided by your EMPLOYER. If you do not received SMS. Please contact your Employer.

How to Check EPF Balance via Missed Call?

In order to Know EPF Balance via Missed Call, your UAN Number must be activated. If you have your activated UAN Number along with Aadhar or PAN number. Then, you may avail this Missed Call facility of EPFO. Please find the check list which details will be required to know EPF Balance via Missed Call.

• Activated UAN Number
• Aadhar or PAN Number
• PF Number
• Age
• Name

To Know Your EPF Balance, please give a Missed Call on 011-22901406.

Note: – Age and Name should be as per the EPFO Records. Once your UAN integrated with your KYC then every time when you will give a miss call on 011-22901406 to the EPFO – Employee’s Provident Fund Organization, you will receive an SMS with your EPF details including your EPF Balance.

How to Know EPF Balance via Mobile App?

Please be advised that the EPFO Mobile Application has been launched on Google Play. Please go to the following URL :- In order to get the EPFO Mobile App, the EPFO Member would be able to activate UAN Number. Only after activation they can Know EPF Balance via Mobile App. The Employee can also check their monthly contribution in EPF through Passbook.

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